At Mama’s Friend Birth Services, we inform a woman about her options for pregnancy, birth, and the newborn period, and then we help her prepare and achieve her own idea of the most beautiful birth experience possible.

Birth and new motherhood are probably the most inspiring and memorable experiences in a woman’s life, and a mother’s birth has the most positive potential to impact the way a she thinks about herself during new motherhood. We say a mother “gives birth”, and that is true; birth is a precious gift, one that helps a woman discover how powerful she is!

“Birth is hard work and sometimes painful, but it can be the most rewarding experience of your life.”
(Dr. Robert A. Bradley)

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We come highly recommended and have numerous references you can contact directly. Ask us how to speak with our previous clients, or you can learn more by asking "Who are the best doulas around here?" in a Fort Rucker, Dothan, or Wiregrass Facebook group!