At Mama’s Friend Birth Services, our philosophy is to help YOU achieve YOUR idea of the most beautiful birth possible.

Having a doula is beneficial for all types of births. We support all births…..natural, induction, epidural and c-section. We support what you want, no matter what you want. This is your day, your baby, your birth.

Birth and new motherhood are probably the most inspiring and memorable experiences in a woman’s life, and a mother’s birth has the most positive potential to impact the way a she thinks about herself during new motherhood. We say a mother “gives birth”, and that is true; birth is a precious gift, one that helps a woman discover how powerful she is!

“Birth is hard work and sometimes painful, but it can be the most rewarding experience of your life.”
(Dr. Robert A. Bradley)

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 "Not only Mama's Friend, Daddy's as well! Without them I would've been lost and in a (bigger) panic through both of my wife's labors. They really do go above and beyond."
-Brandon Evans