A Princess Birth Story

“Honestly, to this day I REGRET not hiring a Doula from the beginning of my pregnancy. They did more for me in 5 days, than my doctor did for me in 9 months.”

My Birth Story… (12/11/13)
December 20, 2013 at 10:32pm
(used by permission from a repeat Mama!)

First off let me just say thank you for taking the time to read my birth story! Throughout my whole pregnancy I spent so much time reading other women’s stories and trying to imagine how mine would be! It’s funny because everyone’s’ story is different but they all had this connection. Some stories made me cry, giggle, and some even scared me a little. However, almost all of them inspired me. They made me feel strong and confident that I could have the birth I really wanted. I hope my story inspires someone one day, and even if it doesn’t I know I had the most wonderful experience ever. No one can ever take that away from me.

I was 37 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and dealing with a lot of issues. I had two false alarms already and was having painful contractions every day. Needless to say, I was DONE being pregnant! I felt so guilty feeling that way, but it was true. I was doing everything I could to try to start labor. My doctor was also pressuring me into being induced, which I DID NOT WANT. I was so tempted to just do it, and that is when I just started feeling very depressed. I wasn’t confident in myself anymore. I knew what kind of birth I wanted, but it seemed like I could not do it anymore. So I contacted Stephanie, a local doula, and told her I NEEDED her. She came and met me that same day! It was a Thursday. Honestly, to this day I REGRET not hiring a Doula from the beginning of my pregnancy. They did more for me in 5 days, than my doctor did for me in 9 months. I was blessed to have them.

Saturday came around and I was still having strong contractions but they would stop and go away after a while. My Doulas figured out that my baby was actually in a posterior position or “sunny-side up”. No wonder, my labor couldn’t actually start! I know now that if I would have gone to the hospital and the doctor would have seen that she was not in the right position I would have had a C-section! Thank God, my Doulas were able to reposition her! I kept walking and trying to stay active… Boy were the contractions coming longer and stronger, still they would fall away or stop completely. My baby sure did love it inside Momma!

Monday, I had a doctor’s appointment, they did the usual and decided to go ahead and check my cervix, I agreed and allowed them to. I realized that this time it was hurting more than usual, before I could even say anything my doctor said, “I went ahead and stripped your membranes.” I could not believe it. The doctor NEVER asked me. I was so, so hurt. How could they do something like that without asking me… The crazy thing is this happens to a lot of women! IT SHOULDN’T THOUGH! It’s YOUR body, YOUR birth, and YOUR baby. No one should make any decisions without consulting you first! Either way, it was done and over with. I was so upset and went straight to my Doula’s house. Of course they comforted me, and I knew I could not let myself go into a dark place again. I had also seen a Chiropractor that day, where he did pressure points (I swear that sent me into labor).

It was Tuesday 2:30am, I woke up with strong contractions. These were different I could not sleep through them. I thought I would wait a couple more minutes. It was 4:45 when I decided to wake up my Husband. He told me to go back to sleep, that it might be another false alarm… I could have punched him in the face!!! I took a shower and they were still coming. I texted my Doula and she agreed that maybe this was it! I was so excited, I could feel the adrenaline! I would meet my baby soon! And I WAS READY! I labored at my Doula’s house, which was less than 5 minutes away from the hospital.

I was there from about 7am to 3pm. I was having contraction after contraction. In between I had a McDouble! They made me happy! My doulas were doing counterpressure, and even massaging my butt! Stephanie gives the BEST butt massages! And my other Doula Angela was pushing my lower back and hips so hard, I was sore for two days after I had delivered my baby! It was the best thing ever! lol

I remember after one really strong contraction, all three were doing something to me. Both my doulas, and my Husband was playing with my hair and stroking my face, I said “I feel like such a Princess” and I REALLY did. Yeah, I was in a lot of pain, but every contraction was bringing me closer to my baby.

“I remember after one really strong contraction, … I said “I feel like such a Princess!” and I REALLY did.”

When I finally decided to go to the hospital I was checked, and I was ONLY 3cm dilated. That kind of was a low blow… I thought for sure I was a good 6 or 7. Either way, I was able to have an awesome nurse, who let me labored my own way, although the hospital had certain rules against this. I was able to shower, walk around, and even be on my hands and knees. My nurse Rebecca was truly another blessing from God. Here she is with us and our baby girl after she was born.

I knew it was getting closer when I started asking for the epidural. YES! I asked for it, actually I begged for it. I seriously thought I might die that night. If it wasn’t for my Husband reminding why I did not want it in the first place, I probably would be trying a very different story. He also started to ignore me.. lol which actually helped a lot. I was so tired and when my nurse finally came around to check me I was at an 8!!!

I remember telling Angela “I can do this!!”, she held my hand and said “You are doing it”, and I could cry now just remembering how good it felt to hear that. My Doulas were everything to me during my labor and delivery. They had honestly became my friends. I trusted them and I knew they believed in me. My husband was such a big help too. Even though I kept screaming at him, he would kiss me and tell me I was beautiful and that he loved me very much. I think the people who surround you during those special moments can make such a huge difference. They were the best support system I could have had.

I knew it was time when I could not hold the urge to push anymore. After 25 hours of labor it was time to push. Every woman says pushing is the best part! IT IS. I loved pushing. I was so tired and they gave me a cherry popsicle. I swear it had magic powers, cause after that I was wide awake and felt like I could push a little harder. I actually only pushed for 1 hour and 10 minutes. My baby girl was born on Wednesday at 3:37am. She was wide awake and alert! I remember laughing… I could not believe I had done it.

I would do it again in a second! I had the birth I wanted! I had scaled that mountain, and honestly I feel like I could do ANYTHING now, Nothing can stop me. I know I am powerful as a woman, and I pray I can be the inspiration I need to be to raise a strong daughter too. She is my entire world, and I catch myself looking at her and feeling so extremely proud of myself. Everytime I think of that day, I’ll remeber my strength, the love my husband showed me, and of course my amazing Doulas. They will forever be a part of my life and my baby girls. Now, time to enjoy mommyhood. Whatever comes my way, bring it on, because I can totally take it!