Childbirth Education

If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any options

Mama’s Friend offers evidence-based Natural Childbirth education classes.

Our class series is a 6 week course, held in Dothan on Sunday evenings.

1 Pregnancy exercises and optimal fetal positioning
2 Nutrition, healthy pregnancy, and gestation
3 Normal physiology of labor and birth, stages of labor from beginning to end
4 Comfort measures, physical and mental relaxation, and labor positions
5 Forming a birth plan, options, complications and  interventions
6 Newborns, postpartum, placental encapsulation and breastfeeding.

When you are finished with these classes you will be well educated on how to have a healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery and baby.  Everything we teach is evidence-based information from reputable medical sources such as ACOG (American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and WHO (World Heath Organization). We teach the pros, cons, the bad and good, and everything in between so you are well equipped to create a birth plan that you feel passionate about.

“Natural childbirth training displaces ignorance, superstition, fear, anxiety, and the resultant bodily tensions which are such obstacles in labor. There is nothing more marvelous to behold than an expert, educated, trained mother giving birth.”

–Robert A. Bradley, M.D.