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Dear Mama and Friend,

Mama, have you ever been concerned by the side-effects and the known and unknown risks of modern medicines? Or have you ever been frustrated with the effectiveness of alternative health remedies? Let me introduce you to the power  of pure herbal extracts!

As your Friend, I (Stephanie) can tell you that I wholeheartedly endorse Mountain Meadow Herbs herbal formulas after using them myself and seeing numerous moms benefit from using them, too! I found Mountain Meadow Herbs from speaking online with midwives and natural holistic care providers and from reading multiple recommendations for their products in the Midwifery Today healthcare journal. They are a household name among Amish communities and are well-known for their specialty line of products for expecting moms, nursing moms, infants and children, and couples trying to conceive. You can browse their whole catalogue here. 

This family-based company was founded in 2001 by a desperate mom turned scientist/researcher who used nature’s herbs to save her young son from dialysis and kidney transplant. Today, these herbal formulas offer the benefits of plant-based nutrition and healing from organic herbs which are responsibly wildcrafted and sustainably harvested in the USA, and are blended in a  GMP certified and FDA inspected facility located right in a pristine Montana valley.

Mountain Meadow Herbs

My story and so many other moms’ stories can tell you how their products WORK! Gentle Birth Formula contains micronutrients from stinging nettle root and red raspberry leaf which will nourish and tone the female reproductive tract to help you have a FASTER and EASIER labor! And I wouldn’t have made it through the after-pains while nursing my newborn without using After-Pain Relief formula at EVERY NURSING SESSION for the first weeks! I remember shaking my husband in the middle of the night and to wake up and pass me my small bottle from the nightstand while I nursed our baby!  I was also using Maxi-Milk formula to increase the quality and quantity of my milk, and it gave me peace of mind that my sweet baby was getting maximum nutrition from plant-based sources of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients! Now that they also offer herbal prenatal vitamins and my favorite pure essential oils (from sustainably wild-crafted plants!), I’m always recommending them and giving them away, too!

image003 Our pure, liquid herbal extracts are up to 70% more effective than supplements in pills or capsules!

I hope you give them a try so that you can experience the benefits yourself! Thank you for your support , and you can email dothandoula@gmail.com with any questions! 

Your Friend,
~Stephanie Emfinger
certified doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor


Please keep in mind, no supplement or medication can ever be “proven safe”, and no statement here is supported by the FDA, which does not test the effectiveness of herbal supplements. Asking your doctor for more information is always recommended with any product used during pregnancy and lactation. This webpage contains affiliate links, which do send a teeny-tiny excruciatingly small part of the product price back to support our work.  We thank you!

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