Hospital Bag Checklist

Things For Labor

– Index cards for your partner and doula to read to you (favorite verses, lyrics, quotes; good memories to remind her about; reasons she wants to birth this way; etc.)
– Your own pillows with brightly colored pillowcases
– Hairbands or barrettes to keep your hair back
– Warm, fuzzy socks or thick house shoes (or both. Your feet will get freezing cold.)
– Tennis balls for your partner to massage you without tiring his hands too much
– A hot water bottle or rice sock to put on your lower back
– Lip balm for dry lips
– Bach’s Rescue Remedy (a stress-relieving homeopathic found at natural food stores)
– Food-grade olive oil or coconut oil (use for massage oils, perineum lubrication, and days-old baby skin moisturizer)
– Cell phone and charger
– CD or mp3 player loaded with a birth playlist (emotional, strengthening, soothing songs)
– Copies of your birth plan signed by your doctor
– Goodies for the nurses station to give with your birth plan (candy bars, cookies, granola, chips)
– Snacks for labor (watermelon or pineapple chunks, applesauce, honey, raisins, peppermints, lollypops)
– Drinks for labor (coconut water, Gatorade)
– Identification card and insurance card
– Camera, batteries, extra SD card, and computer for uploading to Facebook
(Because everyone knows you haven’t REALLY had a baby until everyone can see pictures :-).)

For After Labor

– Your favorite shampoo and soap–the first shower after birth will be one of the most refreshing showers you will ever have.
– List of family members and friends to call
– Baby book to write down your memories of the birth while they’re fresh on your mind
– Baby’s going home outfit, including footies and knit cap
– A properly installed, inspected, level, rear-facing, well-tightened car seat with a five-point harness
– Mommy’s going home outfit, including nursing bra
– Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, etc)
– Books or dvds for the hospital stay