Our Prices

Mama’s Friend “Birth Package”: $950.00
(Includes Doula and Childbirth Education)

Doula Services

  • No cost, no obligation initial consultation
  • Gain lifetime access to our extensive Mama’s Friend Lending Library)–including over 250 books, DVDs, and CDs; over 500 pdfs and mp3s; numerous styles of cloth diapers; and baby carriers of all types (ring slings, woven wraparounds, knit wraparounds, soft structured carriers, pouch slings). If we don’t have a health/pregnancy/birth/baby/breastfeeding/parenting book or DVD you’re looking for, let us know because we’d love to purchase it for you to borrow!
  • Prenatal visit at 36-38 weeks to discuss your birth plan and to review what you learned in the classes
  • Unlimited pregnancy support via phone, text, or email to answer questions or offer encouragement
  • Guaranteed 24-hour “on-call” doula availability from 2 weeks before your due date until you give birth
  • Unlimited false alarm availability
  • Continuous physical and emotional support throughout your labor and birth
  • No time limit or extra fees for long or difficult labors
  • Extended support following the birth until you and your family are well settled
  • Positioning and latching assistance during the initial breastfeeding session

Childbirth Education (a $400.00 value!)

  • Complete 6-week series of evidence-based natural childbirth education
  • Learn what you should be doing to prepare your body for labor and to get baby into the best position for easier, faster labor (Class 1)
  • Learn about pregnancy and gestation, including nutrition for a growing baby and how to deal with pregnancy discomforts (Class 2)
  • Learn how the body works during labor and birth and what to expect during each stage of labor (Class 3)
  • Learn plenty of relaxation techniques and laboring tips to help your birth be less painful and more enjoyable and things your coach can say and do to help (Class 4)
  • Discuss current research regarding birth plan options, including the unbiased presentation of both pros and cons of available choices before, during, and after your birth (Class 5)
  • Learn about newborns, usual newborn procedures in the hospital, why and how to breastfeed if you choose, and how to care for Baby and Mama during postpartum (Class 6)
  • Optional 7th class to teach babywearing (showing styles of carriers and teaching babywearing positions), cloth diapering, or newborn sleep (‘nighttime parenting”)
  • Includes numerous handouts, journal articles, research, videos, and teaching tools


Postpartum Support

  • Continuous phone and email support throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • Postpartum visit 1-2 weeks following birth
  • Breastfeeding answers and/or visits as needed during the following year or more
  • Parenting questions during the following year or more via text, phone, or Facebook message

Desiree and Kelly Vredenburg photos

Mama’s Friend Birth Package:  $950.00
(15% discount for Active Duty Military)

Birth Doula without classes:  $700.00
(15% discount for Active Duty Military)

Natural Childbirth Classes without doula:  $400.00
Unfortunately, no discounts are available for Mama’s Friend Birth Classes.

Placenta Encapsulation:  $125.00 for clients, $200.00 for non-clients, $25.00 for placenta tincture

Mileage Fee (for deliveries more than 50 miles from Dothan) $100.00

Postpartum Doula Services: Doula client $20 per hour, Non client $25 per hour (10% off for more than 20 hours)

We stand behind our motto “Every Mama Needs Mama’s Friend!”  
To that end, we provide flexible payment plans and will work with you and your family’s needs! 
If you hesitate to call us due to financial concerns, please reach out and tell us about your situation!
We want to help you!