Postpartum Doula


A Postpartum Doula serves the new Mama and her growing family as they adjust to life with a new baby! We serve as the “Mama’s Friend” you need after your birth!

We offer non-judgmental support and assistance for all the many jobs of motherhood during this overwhelming adjustment period: it’s our pleasure to do whatever you need to lower your stress so you can enjoy your “Babymoon.”

Ten Reasons to Hire a Postpartum Doula
  1. Postpartum Doulas are here for you.

    Most visitors will be focusing on the baby, but we care for YOU so that YOU can care for the baby.

  2. Postpartum Doulas are non-judgmental.

    You can be relaxed and at ease with us, and ask for our help with anything.

  3. Postpartum Doulas are non-biased.

    Our job is to provide evidence-based information, not offering our opinions or personal preferences.

  4. Postpartum Doulas can help with breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.

    We help you learn the feeding cues of a new baby, help you get into a feeding routine, and can teach you how to use that new breastpump!

  5. Postpartum Doulas prepare meals.

    We care for you, keep you hydrated and well-fed, and can cook and prepare meals for your family, too.

  6. Postpartum Doulas can clean!

    We help you by keeping the house clean for you, doing the laundry, and taking out the stinky trash so you and your family can bond with your new addition.

  7. Postpartum Doulas can run your errands.

    You don’t need to get out of your pajamas! We can get groceries, pick up stamps, and do any other errand you can ask for.

  8. Postpartum Doulas help with Baby.

    We care for Baby while you nap, shower, or just have a cup of tea to yourself. It’s our pleasure!

  9. Postpartum Doulas help with other children.

    We occupy toddlers and older children so you don’t feel stressed that anyone is being left out.

  10. Postpartum Doulas listen.

    Anytime a new Mama struggles with the stress of parenthood or just needs to vent, we are a listening ear. We also provide assistance if you experience the “Baby Blues” or postpartum depression as well.